There’s Nothing Wrong with Old Fashioned Love

Today I pledge my love story to you.


I will meet him unsuspectingly, excuse the cliché, and I am almost sure we won’t like each other much for a while. But as time passes, I’ll become overly fond of him and do what I normally do. Panic, worry and become oddly flirtatious and clingy. Of course, I’ll more than likely brush it off as nothing and tell him that I flirt with everyone like this, that I am a natural flirt. Unlike the past boys, who have run away as soon as I have used big words and long messages, he will stay and eventually latch onto my long-windedness and need to use my vocabulary all the time. And he might even like it.


There will never be a time limit on our love, as it should be, and we will go from one day to the next as if we have known each other for decades. See, I want to meet my soul mate and marry them as well, provided they suit me and it all feels right.


As the months pass, his timidity (or boldness) and perspective on life will always interest me, even if our interests and opinions differ. This would be the first time that I have never tried to change someone’s mindset to suit my beliefs; I’ll find myself explaining what I mean and how I think instead of expecting him to immediately get me. And to my surprise, he will eventually open up as well and a budding romance may just begin to brew.


We will spend nights together, as friends, telling each other secrets and building a rapport of “inside jokes” and finding what makes the other laugh. Even through all of this, he and I will still have close contact with our other friends and family, as “blood is thicker than water.” But I want to make it known, we will want each other in our lives because there is something the other does that sets off a smile or a mirthful laugh or even shed a tear. We may not need each other, but we will definitely want each other.


That want, I pray, will not become toxic and rather culminate to form a relationship that, with its ups and downs, will only succeed and take us to new highs in our own lives and our life together. At this time, I want our individual independence to subside somewhat, so that we are still able to be ourselves, but that we also rely on each other a little bit. Not in a clingy, “I always want to see you” type of way.


We will finish studying, get decent jobs, and perhaps even have a few kids in whichever way we choose. Grow together, be together and find solace within each other, whilst still maintaining that we are our own people with strengths and weaknesses. And then one day, we will be sitting together, watching television and I will think back to this pledge and these words:


“He will be mine and I shall be his, staring into the night sky, talking until the wee hours in the morning, delving deeper into life together and making each day an adventure. I want to be playful, tossing around in the bed sheets on Sunday mornings, with bedside coffee and pillow fights. I want to laugh at the most awkward jokes and the worst puns, and then stop a moment in the whirlwind that is our love and stare into his eyes, never wondering why I decided to choose him in the first place. And dare I say I wish he would be thinking the exact same thing.”


With all my heart, this I pledge.

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