There’s Always More To The Story

There's always more to the Story

There’s always More to the story, or is this   just overthinking. Do agree to it at some points. But not totally. What’s your opinion  on this? There’s always some truth behind every ‘just Kidding’ There’s always some knowledge behind every ‘I don’t know’ There’s always some emotion behind every ‘I don’t Care’ There’s always some pain behind ‘I am Okay’

9 thoughts on “There’s Always More To The Story”

  1. I see it mostly true… even sometimes the people answering this way are not enough awake to realize it ๐Ÿ™‚ May be because I see things very different from a while…

  2. I agree with Leann and Rebecca. Sometimes it's an evasive or "cautious" "being-careful" technique one can knowingly or even unknowingly use ( or over-use if it's a neurotic fear-thing). But most of the time I mean exactly what I say. I do think too much sarcasm is a turn off and bad habit, and can be hurtful. It's not over-thinking if one intuits lying. Deliberate lying is an entirely different matter and for another discussion

  3. Agree there is usually more then just surface appearance for a variety of reasons.. mostly fear!
    I share 'my truths' freer than most, even those that may not be received well by another- esp if they specifically ask my thoughts.
    I also believe the term 'over thinking' is a poorly considered word.

    Awareness & enlightenment requires deep thinking – thinking in general! Which is going to create some emotional discomfort if we are being honest & authentic~
    Hahaha, many confuse necessary deep thinking.. dislike the experience stop doing that, and call it 'over thinking'
    We fail to learn 'HOW' to think productively- loose shame,blame & guilt associated, give understanding, forgiveness (self n others) acceptance of lessions & gratitude to be found.
    Yes, I do withhold some thoughts from many~ I know they are not ready for those yet, thats not being fake or guarded- that's understanding, some maybe open minded… but those messages are delivered subconsciously and you're not even aware~ I think that is a major reason some relationships change & allowed to drift, without much effort to correct situation observed.
    Unaware something has setup a discord within our core- good/bad/right/wrong.. it happens & if we don't 'over think' (intentionally used false term for deep thinking) & question why, we fail ourselves in learning.
    Share your truths & story always, just be aware to observe the possibilities.. it does serve a valuable credit for our growth.
    Sorry for novel you sparked in my insane in the membrane brain!

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