There will be no Tomorrow

There will be no Tomorrow
You lived everyday
For a future, with uncertain days.
Today, we wake up to know,
There will be no tomorrow.
Let’s rush outside
And watch the night sky.
Just look at the moon,
You will feel the magic soon.
Let the souls do the talk
About this life’s walk.
Gaze into my eyes
And find what there hides.
Embrace my soul
With your last hold.
Lets put down the mask
For this time will the last.
Let’s dim all the lights
And not miss shining stars’ sight
Let no unfulfilled wish pass on
For tomorrow I will be gone.
Tell me the secrets
And put off the regrets.
Let go of past
And show me who you truly are.
A smile, let’s borrow,
For there will be no tomorrow.

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