There are no mistakes in art

There are no mistakes in art

Some of the best art pieces I’ve ever created didn’t start out so great. I’d light up at the sight of a blank page, eagerly awaiting the moment I could sit back and say, “wow. I made that”-

but then-

Splat! I’d be yanked away from my picture-perfect vision by a glob of bright, magenta acrylic paint. Panic would set in; a mere charcoal smear would quickly erase all enthusiasm; a coffee stain would be a disaster… and my thoughts would turn on me.

How could you be so stupid? You just ruined a perfect canvas, and not to mention, you wasted a colossal amount of precious paint! Art supplies are expensive, man! I can’t believe you were so careless and-

they turned out to be great pieces because I didn’t give up on them. I could have easily written them off as “mistakes,” and decided to trash them, but I didn’t. And I don’t. I don’t believe in “mistakes” in art. 

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