There are no mistakes in art

Some of the best art pieces I’ve ever created didn’t start out so great. I’d light up at the sight of a blank page, eagerly awaiting the moment I could sit back and say, “wow. I made that”-

but then-

Splat! I’d be yanked away from my picture-perfect vision by a glob of bright, magenta acrylic paint. Panic would set in; a mere charcoal smear would quickly erase all enthusiasm; a coffee stain would be a disaster… and my thoughts would turn on me.

How could you be so stupid? You just ruined a perfect canvas, and not to mention, you wasted a colossal amount of precious paint! Art supplies are expensive, man! I can’t believe you were so careless and-

they turned out to be great pieces because I didn’t give up on them. I could have easily written them off as “mistakes,” and decided to trash them, but I didn’t. And I don’t. I don’t believe in “mistakes” in art. 

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