There Are A Million Different Ways To Say I Love You

There’s like a million different ways to say, I love you. Put your seat belt on. Watch your step. Get some rest. You just gotta listen. 

When there is love, we say that in everything we do.

How beautiful it is, to say those three words without speaking them out.

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  1. yes i understand…we show love in everything we do in million different ways…but there are days you just simply want to hear it from the person itself.
    Affirmation is important too and i guess that 3 words will be the sweetest words you'll hear from someone dear to your heart….while showing it in different ways will be the sweetest actions to see from someone dear to your heart…
    Isn't it nice if you are able to utter words that the other person wants to hear, making and putting a smile on their face…that's priceless