8 Ways To Gracefully Survive A Toxic Family During The Holidays

“People will always notice the change in your attitude towards them. But they will never notice it’s their behavior which made you change.”

Don’t Fight Your Dreams, Let Them Conquer You!

I searched and scoured for the enemy stopping my dreams from becoming a reality… and realized it was me. My own past returned to teach me a lesson.

The 14 Early Signs and Symptoms Of Being Ungrounded Which You...

There are things which can actually be the early signs that you need to center and ground yourself. Take a Note.

This Is Why Depressed People Get Angry, And Ways To Handle...

One of the common traits found in depressed people is anger.

5 Signs To Know If You Need Emotional Healing

You end up reacting rather than responding

The Dark Night Of The Soul

At some point in your life, you will experience the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ where it seems that everything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong.  What many people fail to realize is that this is a true blessing.

How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People

The more kindness and compassion a targeted victim elects to show them, the more likely Narcopaths are to feed off them and subsequently abuse almost inevitably tends to escalate.

How to Understand and Control Your Own Toxic Thoughts

If you are one of the people who is struggling to understand about your own anxiety, here are some facts about it which will help you to understand it:

5 Reasons Why Soft-Hearted Girls Get Hurt Easily, Specially When They...

There are quite a few reasons for soft-hearted girls getting hurt easily. Here is the list

If You Have Ever Been Called Overly Sensitive, This is For...

These are the healers, the empaths and the ones this broken world turns to when things go wrong.

16 MUST USE Psychological Hacks Everyone Needs To Know!

Like language, the mind has its own grammar and own set of rules. There’s a particular pattern. You need to understand this language and apply it to our advantage.

Chronic Negativity Is A Murderer! This is How it Poisons Your...

This is How it Chronic Negativity Poisons Your Body, Soul and Mind

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Doesn’t Feel Like Themselves Anymore

For anyone who doesn't feel like themselves anymore

The Difference Between Venting and Dumping

be aware of the difference between venting and dumping as the later can beat down one’s positivity and self-worth.

Preparing for Life’s Hurricanes: Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Staying calm in the midst of chaos is the most advantageous move you can make.

THE SADNESS IN YOUR SOUL – The Reason for your emotional...

There are many others who feel just like you, and the reason for your emotional ups and downs may be, unsurprisingly, buried deep in your childhood.

Eight Risk Factors for Suicide And How You Can Help Someone...

The following risk factors determine whether a person is more likely to commit suicide than others.

4 Things Women Don’t Owe To Men

Here’s a list of things we women do not owe to anyone:

When You Start Respecting Yourself, These Are 21 Things That Change...

When you become healthier in small parts of your life, you see the overall impact in time or how you have changed.

Embracing Your Darkest Emotions Is The Key To Your Psychological Well...

Acceptance involves not trying to change how we are feeling, but staying in touch with your feelings and taking them for what they are

What The Internet Won’t Tell You About Suicidal Thoughts And How...

The deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington have brought a lot of attention on the issue of suicide. While this might help in spreading awareness, a lot of other aspects of the problem are not being talked about yet. Here are some tips that would help a person cope with suicidal tendencies.

An Open Letter to the Girl who Always Becomes the Second...

You cannot say, ‘No’ to people. You are scared that if you say, ‘No’, you will hurt them and that will make you sad.

Being Single! It’s A Weird Form Of Strength

Being in a relationship is considered maturity. I believe being single is another step beyond that.

The Reason Why Exceptional People Avoid Mediocre Friends

Your crowd literally makes you see the world differently

What Every Empath Needs to Know About The Dark Side of...

Where you find an Empath, you often find a narcissist nearby. In fact, if an Empath takes a peep into their past they normally see a pattern of people displaying the above tendencies appearing throughout their lives.

7 Daily Struggles Of A Strong and Sensitive Person

The struggles every strong and sensitive person has to face daily

How Our Hearts Are Changed By Betrayal

There is little else that shatters a heart as much as the pain of betrayal. It tears you open, rips your heart out of your chest.

They Fear You Because Of Your Strength

Maybe your truth is too bitter for those who don’t want to feel and taste your genuine self.

Emotion Coaching Isn’t Just for Children

Over the last year we’ve started to discuss the topic of parenting and the possibility of adopting a child. Along the way, we’ve read with interest Dr. John Gottman’s advice on Emotion Coaching to learn how to build emotional intelligence in children, but what we’ve discovered is that the principles of Emotion Coaching apply to us—two gay male adults approaching 40.

20 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol

What do dedicated social drinkers and outright alcoholics see when they give up 'spirits?'

The One Thing To Remember When You’re Dealing With Any Person,...

Ultimately, we have no idea what other people are going through.

Child Sexual Abuse: 5 Reasons Why You Should Reveal It

Many of us are living with this nightmare, many of us have grown up with this nightmare.

All Of Your Suffering Was Worth It

Life is messy. None of us get through unscathed. No matter what you have been through, it has made you who you are today.

10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Actually Becoming The Person You’re Supposed To...

Being that someone requires us to go through certain significant changes.

11 Signs You’re Surrounded by Negative People and it’s time you...

Negativity thrives when you are surrounded by negative people.

How To Deal With Judgement – 4 Effective Ways

We must attempt to reduce judgments because we must realize that we are all of a similar nature.

How To Overcome An Inferiority Complex …That Has Built Up Over...

The first step for dealing with feelings of inferiority is determining the root causes for these feelings.

Bad Relationships Are Not Mistakes.

It is all just a stage, an experience, an inescapable moment, with all the Black and White moments only inside your brain.