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The Zodiac Signs True Weakness

The Zodiac Signs True Weakness

True Weakness

ARIES: Their anger and protectiveness.

TAURUS: Their powerful blinding crushes, obsessions and inability to let go.

GEMINI: Animals, arguments and hearing an opinion that is different from theirs.

CANCER: People and laziness.

LEO: Trust issues and depression.

VIRGO: Loneliness, fear of rejection and anxiety.

LIBRA: Conformity, stubbornness and their temper.

SCORPIO: Fear of abandonment.

SAGITTARIUS: The dark, falling and being clumsy.

CAPRICORN: Anxiety, awkwardness and the inability to tell others how they feel.

AQUARIUS: Their superiority complex, their temper, and their frightening tone of voice.

PISCES: Being codependent and escaping from sitautions.

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