The Zodiac Signs That Are Missed When They’re Gone Ranked From Most To Least

 November 16, 2018

The Zodiac Signs That Are Missed When They're Gone Ranked From Most To Least


8. Leo

You’ll never find a more loyal or trustworthy person than a Leo but they also have some shortcomings. As proud as the lion that is the representation of their zodiac signs, Leos have enormous egos which can turn things sour very quickly. They’ll never admit to their own mistakes and they are very easily offended. You won’t be able to engage in any teasing banter with a Libra, not if you wish to stay friends with them. But they’re talented in bed so they are definitely missed at least by their sexual partners.


9. Taurus

One trait that Taurus has is both their blessing and their curse. They’re quick to get excited when they discover something cool and they’ll keep insisting that you also get excited about the same thing. This is nice because they care about you and they want to share their interests with you. The thing they have to show you might actually be a lot of fun. But Taurus doesn’t know when to stop pushing it and their persistence can be really annoying. They don’t understand that others might not be into the things they like or that there are times when people are just not in the mood to do that thing.


10. Capricorn

Controlling with a massive sense of responsibility, Capricorns usually turn out to be killjoys. They’re smart so there are times when they can think of fun things to do but not so smart that you’d want them around forever. Sometimes they’ll act so responsible and cautious that they end up sucking all the life out of a party. Their departure just makes you feel ‘meh, whatever’ as you continue doing whatever you’re doing.


11. Aries

Aries are so controlling that they make Capricorns seem like saints in comparison. When an Aries leaves the room, there will actually be an unspoken ‘thank goodness’ echoing in the room. They are well meaning and kind but they like being in charge so much so that they’ll trample everyone else in order to get their way and this completely ruins the mood. The party tends to start only after Aries leaves.


12. Scorpio

Honestly, there’s nothing good to be said about a Scorpio. They are quite boring so people are more often than not, happy with them leaving. If a Virgo can light up a room, Scorpio can put it right back to sleep.

Which one are you?

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The Zodiac Signs That Are Missed When They're Gone Ranked From Most To Least