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What Are The Zodiac Signs Good At Hiding?

What Are The Zodiac Signs Good At Hiding

What Are The Zodiac Signs Good At Hiding?


Aries: Doubting themselves
They’re always hiding it by acting like they know what they’re doing with their life.

Taurus: Being sad
They are the queen of hiding their feelings with a smile.

Gemini: Heartbreak
They will go out and get drunk and act like it never happened.

Cancer: Vulnerability
They hide it by acting tough and pretending as if nothing gets to them.

Leo: Insecurity
They act so confident that you will never second guess it.

Virgo: Having feelings for someone
If they’re not sure how you feel, they’ll never tell you for fear of rejection.

Libra: Being hurt
Even if they’re hurt because of something you did, they’ll never say it, so that you think that it didn’t bother them.

Scorpio: Jealousy
They can be extremely jealous, but they’ll just sit back and watch, and act like they’re having the time of their life.

Sagittarius: Anger
They will only snap when it’s absolutely necessary.

Capricorn: Negative Emotion
They don’t like to let down their guard and be vulnerable.

Aquarius: Hate
They can look at you and talk to you as if nothing is wrong and you’d never know that they don’t like you.

Pisces: Grief
Whether it’s the grief of a breakup or someone’s death, they try their best to push it away so they don’t have to deal with it.

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