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What Do The Zodiac Signs Do After Dark?

What Do The Zodiac Signs Do After Dark

What Do The Zodiac Signs Do After Dark?

Aries: Scrambling to finish a project they procrastinated on

Taurus: Retiring to their chambers with a glass of wine

Gemini: Scrolling through TikTok and thinking that they could become an influencer if they really wanted to

Cancer: Stress-baking late into the night

Leo: Party-hopping just to feel something

Virgo: Laying out tomorrow’s outfit

Libra: Doing their fifteen-step skincare routine

Scorpio: Pondering their existence in a candlelit bath

Sagittarius: Texting everyone in their rotation until someone answers

Capricorn: Anxiously attempting to predict what tomorrow will hold

Aquarius: Just getting started with their day

Pisces: Staring at the Moon and smiling because their crush is looking at the same one

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