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Why Will The Zodiac Signs Call You Crying?

Why Will The Zodiac Signs Call You Crying

Why Will The Zodiac Signs Call You Crying?

They will call you crying because

Aries: they sprained their wrist shoving their way to the front of the checkout line

Taurus: they woke up before noon and haven’t eaten breakfast yet

Gemini: the argument they started just for fun got personal and now they’re single

Cancer: they thought about how lonely the last remaining black rhinoceroses must be

Leo: someone called them tacky

Virgo: they accidentally closed excel without saving

Libra: they had to be home alone for 15 minutes

Scorpio: they said something abrasive and now everybody’s mad at them

Sagittarius: they’re tired of their job that they just started last week

Capricorn: they’d been burying their feelings for so long that they finally burst

Aquarius: there are people starving in the world and you let your leftovers rot on the counter for two days

Pisces: they saw a baby cry on the subway

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