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The Zodiac Signs Being Rich

The Zodiac Signs Being Rich

The Zodiac Signs ‘If’ Rich

Aries: “I’m going to every concert ever. I bought all of iTunes. No one can stop me.”

Taurus: Saves most of the money but throws lavish parties every Friday with Nicki minaj.

Gemini: “What if I bought a boat and invited people on my boat only to tell them to get the f*ck off my boat?!”

Cancer: “I’ve bought 10 dogs already today. Tomorrow I buy the world’s population of cats.”

Leo: Buys own island and names it after themselves and everyone who lives there are dogs and friends, no one else ever.

Virgo: Made a blog to update people on my rich life. Just booked Beyoncé for my birthday party!”

Libra: Millionaire by age 20 and takes the lyrics “I’m gonna swing from my chandelier” too seriously.

Scorpio: Finally subscribes to Hulu Plus.

Sagittarius: Wears black lace Elie Saab designer gown with necklace of diamonds and walks slowly down spiral staircases.

Capricorn: Buys 3 summer houses and a castle while on their private jet.

Aquarius: “I’m going to buy the five oceans. I am Poseidon.”

Pieces: “I filled my pool with champagne and now I don’t know what to do!”


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