The Zodiac Signs Baking


The Zodiac Signs Baking

The Signs Baking  

Aries: Okay, how on earth do you read this shit? Is holding instructions upside down  

Taurus: Starts to choke on food.

 Gemini: Flirts with Leo  

Cancer: Hello, I’m the only one actually doing something.  

Leo: Shut up. Gemini is actually cooking.  

Virgo: Oh! Would you look at that, I set the house on fire!  

Libra: What the hell Virgo we’re making a cake not committing SUICIDE.  

Scorpio: Eats dough.  

Sagittarius: Is screaming Slipknot lyrics.  

Capricorn: Pisces, what are we doing?  

Aquarius: Stands there laughing at how stupid all their friends are!  

Pisces: Guys we’re not even baking, we’re watching netflix. Why are you in the kitchen?!

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