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The Zodiac Signs Babysitting

The Zodiac Signs Babysitting

The Signs Babysitting  

Aries: Tries to be as nice as possible but threatens the kids they’re being annoying.

 Taurus: Plays ‘maid’ with the kids so they bring them whatever they want.  

Gemini: Nice in front of the parents but the children secretly get on their nerves.  

Cancer: watches movies with the kids to get them to sleep.  

Leo: Plays hide & seek with the kids and pretends to find them when they’re actually on their phone and eating chips.  

Virgo: Isn’t very active with kids and let’s them play on their own.  

Libra: Buys pizza and chills with kids.  

Scorpio: Plays shooting games with them, then sends them to bed in 7 mins.  

Sagittarius: Reads to the kids and plays a few video games.  

Capricorn: Tries not to kill them!  

Aquarius: Tries to entertain the kids by doing weird shit.  

Pisces: Plays games with the kids and actually enjoys it.

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