12 Zodiac Matches That Are Bound To Happen and Doomed To Fail


8) Scorpio and Sagittarius –

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These two signs come together by throwing caution to the wind and more or less turning a deaf ear to their friends and well-wishers. It is clear to everyone, apart from them that this dynamic is bound to burn out. Scorpios are possessive. They like the comfort of home. They are more about a family-oriented life and thus expect the same from their partners. But that is just not going to go down well with the wanderlust bitten Sagittarius who will feel restricted and cramped.


9) Sagittarius and Cancer –

This pairing is the source of lots of gossip and drama for their friends if nothing else. Both have the same rebellious streak and the same need to be the one in control. They will have some really intense and passionate moments for sure. But the constant deception and cheating will take its toll on the relationship and they will find themselves on entirely different paths.


10) Capricorn and Pisces –

These are the power couple who everybody looks up to. They will be the most loved and respected couple in their social group until they are no longer a couple. At first, the pragmatic Capricorn seems to be balanced well with the whimsical and creative Pisces. But with time, these characteristics which seemed to have brought them together as the perfect balancing act starts driving them away from each other.


11) Aquarius and Leo –

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Another combination that makes for a power couple. Both have that charisma that grabs attention. But the main difference is that a Leo craves this attention, whereas the Aquarius is more interested in subtlety. This relationship will soon have problems because of their different outlook on life.


12) Pisces and Aries –

Pisces is sensitive and caring about people and their feelings but Aries is blunt and straightforward. This will cause many problems within their relationship when one partner can’t agree with the way the other operates. And their marriage is bound to fail.

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12 Zodiac Pairings That Are Bound to Happen, and FAIL12 Zodiac Matches That Are Bound To Happen and Doomed To Fail

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