The Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date

The Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date


Filled with intensity and passion, Scorpios are ready to fight for everything that they love. Confrontation does not trouble them in the least and sometimes they actually welcome it. For Libras who are natural peacemakers trying to bring everyone into harmonious accord, this seems like a terrible trait and they just can’t understand why you’d want to fight when you can settle things quietly.


Characterized by their fierce independence and the way they love having obstacles to break down, Scorpio and Aries might look like they get along on the surface. But with such strong personalities, they will end up fighting for dominance soon enough. Relationships are supposed to be a mutual partnership but both these signs want to be leaders even here. They’ll work well in a friendship or even if they’re just having casual sex but anything more would just crash and burn painfully.


You love transformation, transition and making new friends every day. Spontaneity is your watchword and Taurus cannot understand this. They’re more rational and grounded whereas Sagittarius will turn everything upside down just to have some fun.

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Laughter and fun make up most of a Sagittarius’ life and they are forever flitting around here and there. But Capricorns are practical and focused. They get really irritated by Sagittarius’ flighty, devil-may-care attitude so their relationship is just destined to end badly right from the beginning.


Uniqueness and independence characterize Aquarius and they like to be with others who are the same. They can’t stand Pisces because they find them too needy. They are constantly demanding that Aquarius be attentive to their needs and Aquarius is just too caught up in bigger and more important things.


Though they always seem to be in their own world the truth is that Pisces is just looking for the right partner so that they can give them all their love and affection. Monogamy is what they crave so they aren’t happy dating different people just for the sake of it. Gemini on the other hands wants to be fully free. If you try to hold them back they’ll become emotionally distant. It’s already easy enough to break a Pisces’ heart and they feel terrible when they don’t know why Gemini is being so cold.

Make sure to find someone whose baggage matches yours. Happy hunting!

If you want to know more about which zodiac sign you should never date, then check out this video below:

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The Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date
The Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date
The Zodiac Sign You Should Never Date

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