When I lost my strength by domestic violence ten years ago, there was a long way to go. First, I had to prove to myself that I was indestructible. I was not allowed to be weak and vulnerable. Neither woman. Actually, I wanted to prove to myself that I can handle more than men. When I proved it, I had to find my femininity again. It was not easy.

I searched for it for a long time without success and so it stood somewhere between the two worlds. Intuitively, I started to connect with nature, and, I found that I was slowly connecting to the woman inside. When I finally found her, I found her at the bottom of my heart, curled up. She cried and shivered. She was broken. I sat down on the floor next to her and only observed. Who are you? She asked me, and I answered her quietly: “I am you. We are one, but a long time ago they separated us and I looked for you everywhere. Now that I finally found you, I will not leave you. Now you are safe. ” The woman in me sat opposite of me and began to pick up the pieces of her around her. I wanted to help her, but I knew she had to do this on her own. And so I sat along giving her strength. When she finished, she approached me and embraced me. At that moment we were back Merged and became One. Now, you’re wondering. Is this the end of the road? Of course not. Every day I find out something new about myself and I admit that it is OK to do so. I’m not perfect, But in my imperfection, I am as perfect as the universe created me. And my mission is to tell you that you are stronger than you can imagine. You are a spiritual being, The body in which you live is only temporary. It does not matter what color or shape it is. Once you discover your essence, you will be surprised, as was I. Then You will find that you can do everything. Your dreams and hopes … all of this was put into your cradle. You just have to remember. Be bold in search and gentle with yourself. Only you can do. Other travelers of your life are here to teach you something. Many will leave because they have to. But those who will remain (in your heart), they are here to stay and teach you the greatest lesson of life; Only love remains at the end and gratitude that we could feel it. As deeply as the rock in the river sinks. Right up to the bottom.

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