The Witching Hour – Weird things happen between 03:00 – 04:00AM

 May 21, 2018

The Witching Hour – Weird things happen between 0300 – 0400AM

Although this sounds like insomnia (and if it happens regularly you should consult a medical doctor), it might be a part of something bigger. People who are “awakened” during this time are believed to receive spiritual “upgrade”. This is the time when spirits find it easier to communicate with us. The spirits who visit us are usually our ancestors, or other higher entities, who carry messages and gifts from the above.

If this happens to you, record everything in your ‘dream journal’. Write everything you remember from your dream. Now meditate. Don’t just go back to sleep. Try to actually receive the gift you’ve been given. You may find out many secrets about your life, your destiny, and your magical powers!

Stay bewitching!

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The Witching Hour – Weird things happen between 0300 – 0400AM

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