The Winning Game

When playing is never enough

Chasing trophies and glory

Showing others that you’re the stuff

Supposedly better than anybody
Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat

Is your catchphrase, your living style

Being first makes you worthwhile

The competition, instead, is beneath
An addiction with a certain cost

Consuming desire from your shadow

The more you win, the more you’re lost

After each and every afterglow
A pattern transforming mankind

Poison injected again and again

Thanks to Ego, you’re blind

Faster goes the voracious train
Soul, witness of the downfall

Believer of the second chance

Always as the indulgence

To wake you up when it’s nightfall
Flagellation which can be over

Flaws are making us whole

Time to audition for another role

Starring acceptance as your lover
Ego, Soul, an internal battle

Victorious is the one you feed

Will it be the wolf who dismantle

Or the wolf engaging the deed?

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