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The widespread misconception about love is that there’s one person who will fulfill all your desires and will make your life complete/perfect and that the love has to be romantic fairy tale type.
The truth is not that this perfect person who you desperately long for don’t exist but the truth is that you’re that perfect person, your Romeo and your Juliet. Thereby firstly we need to become a love-able person and there’s no better way than by learning to love our very own selves.
Something you dislike about yourself will also be disliked by one you’re going to be in a relationship with, so why not fix them while you’re alone?
There are people who constantly throw the forever alone cliches but love is not something you give up on, if you haven’t met someone who you dream of, chances are there are still things in you that needs a fix first, once you are the lovable person who loves himself than you will realize that company is a matter of choice and you are a free bird spreading love and attracting everything needed to thyself.
Love is not something that make you depended on something or someone, love is not about being in touch with someone 24/7, it’s not about the fear of being not good enough and it isn’t even trying to be someone you’re not just to impress someone. Love is about gratitude towards the things you’re endowed with, love is about being happy for yourself and others; love is helping the needy out of sympathy. You can love everyone and anyone and all of the existence if you only learn to love yourself first.

  – Loathsome Shamsir

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