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The Wherewithal of Presence

The Wherewithal of Presence


The gamut of what we believe the pinnacle of our existence is in fact a fantasy. A fallacy of convention we conspire in the face of its ever present sense and all present evidence. We turn a blind eye to everything that doesn’t fit and consciously disregard any awareness that may threaten our carefully construed convention, and edit our memory of conflicting events. Yet Nature’s co-creative confluence abide with or without your expectation, rules or regard.

Nature resonate to any mutual relevance that share a presence and entangled regard, and existence manifest without need of evidence, confirmation or proof, and flow entrain change irrelevant of approval, appraisal, perception or point of view.

You may choose whatever wherewithal you want but only one we share in sense and mutual relevance.

You may choose to change your wherewithal whenever no matter what you believe to the contrary

You are always welcome to join in the serendipitous flow of sense and shared ability whenever, whoever, whatever wherewithal you come from.

What we inevitably feel amiss is the inexorable and splendiferous wonder, and the awe-inspiring nature of flow we forego for the promise of reward. We yearn for the fun we miss out on by playing to the rules. We feign fealty but deep down we doubt what we feel. Deep down we know that something’s amiss, something is hidden, and somebody knows what it is. But our nagging concern about present sense and truth apparent get lost amid the clamour for attention, and obfuscated amidst all the trappings of social convention.

What we inevitably end up believing is that we need to try harder, dig deeper, go bigger. Go huge if you can, and epic if you ever get that once in a lifetime opportunity. What we miss along the way is everything that make living life well a worthy endeavour to share whatever we think, whenever we share the present in sense and shared ability, whomever we’re with at the time.

What such a wherewithal allude to is a revelation of creation and the collective conscious consequence of living our lives to Nature’s whim, wade in the serendipitous wake of its co-creative co-fluence, and create what we manifest without expectation, presumption or foregone conclusion beside change.