The Way You Carry Your Bag Reveals Your Personality

how you carry your bag

4. Over your shoulder

over your shoulder

Carrying your bag over your shoulder with the bag in the front is the best way to safeguard valuable possessions in your bag as well as enjoy the freedom of movement.

Easiest and secure, this style of carrying a bag suits those who travel a lot. That also signals your independent self-image. You come across as a person flaunting the wealth, but you are quite generous.

However, cross-body with the bag in the back represents a cool, calm, and collected personality.

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5. On your belly

over your belly

People who carry a bag on their stomach walk very fast and their eccentricity are often beyond any limits. Are you the one? Then you have a quick mind and vivid imagination, which makes you a very interesting person to be with.

However, if your bag is gripped too tightly or pressed against the body, it indicates nervousness or insecurity.

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