The Void

The Void

Disappointment is one of the most painful feelings you can ever experience, because it brings you to the point of no return. 

When you love – you carry light, when you hate – you carry darkness. Nevertheless, there will always be a glimmer of light after the night; the same as there will always be time for the darkness. Both are not constant.

When you are truly disappointed at someone you don’t care any more of what that person does or does not, or what that person thinks of you or does not. That person is not in your life any more, even if he/she sits next to you on a coach. You do not care where he/she spent his/her night, and whether he/she had a breakfast.

Disappointment carries the sense of emptiness and the void, which, like the Universe, expands inside of you and, like a magnet, is pulling you into a black hole – to the point of no return. The sooner you understand this, more time you will save for yourself to enjoy your life. At the very end it is not your fault that the other one never fulfilled him/herself in his/her life. And, it is not because he/she could not, but just because he/she made such a choice – not to. This is not your fault, but it is you, who is going to be blamed for that every single minute.

In nature, it is called parasitism, when one organism survives at the expense of another one. When you feed these people with your energy, you deplete yourself. You are filling their inner void while expanding your own. Eventually, you become tired and frustrated; you lose interest in your life and your daily activities; you forgot that you have not nine, but also only one life. You deserve to be happy. Everyone deserves! 

Let such people go. Understand and accept the fact that they do not care about you, they care only about themselves. Period.

A person that really loves and cares for you will never ever blame you of their own mistakes. He/she understands they are not mistakes – they are lessons we all learn through our experiences.

Life, at some point, reminds me of a school. When you allow the losers to copy/paste your work, you teach them of parasitism. While you spent hours writing essays and doing homework, they were absolutely excited of spending their hours playing somewhere outside. Later on, they will copy your homework and, if there is a mistake, they will blame you for it. Now realize, that later in life, someone will live with that person, and even may start a family.

Learn to let go of your past. Learn to let go of those people, who do not fill or inspire you, but, on the contrary, expand the void inside of you and push you closer and closer to the black hole.

The past will never change. Realize that and accept it. It does not exist any more. It is in your head, but not in reality; reality is completely different. 

And, if you constantly keep clinging towards your past, you will be missing your present. Your days will turn into gray colors and you will no longer distinguish one day from another one. Hence, trying hard to avoid the reality you will hook yourself up into social networks chatting days and nights with your virtual friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, someone’s husbands and wives who, just like you, are running away from their reality and their real life.You will be trying hard to fill your inner void …. by virtual one. You will spend seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years alone masking it by virtual unreal happiness.

Learn to let go of the past. Learn to let go of people from your past. Thank them for everything and let them go. Live right now. Be happy right now. Tomorrow is never guarantied. 

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