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The Voice In Our Head

The Voice In Our Head

Build An Objective Relationship With The Voice In Our Head

Meditation and Mindfulness are the arts of forming an objective relationship with the voice in our head. That is, focusing on our breath and the present moment, noticing when we are we lost in thought, letting the thought go, and returning back to the present moment. Through our awareness, we discover our power. This is because we cannot be what we are aware of, as awareness naturally and necessarily implies a subject-object relationship.

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So, what else are we aware of?

I’m aware of the ceiling fan above me. I’m aware that it’s hot in my room right now. I’m aware that I have socks on my feet. I’m aware of my friend’s voice when they’re speaking to me. I’m aware of what I see, smell, hear, and touch. But, I’m aware of my thoughts, too. I’m aware of the voice in my head as it narrates my life. Yet, thoughts don’t seem the same as those others. I don’t naturally identify with my socks, or ceiling fan, or with what my friend is saying, like I do with with that pesky voice in my head. I contribute that voice to be who I am.

It is me, right?

Only I can hear my thoughts.

But if it truly was, why would I need to think anything at all? Wouldn’t I already know what I was about to think? Wouldn’t I already know whatever information the voice in my head is trying to tell me? If we were truly the source of thought the way it’s commonly understood, thinking would be unnecessary.

Since we were young, we listened to this voice of thought like it represented who we were, unaware of its intrinsic subject-object relationship; the same relationship we have with all things we are aware of. In turn, we have become its hostage. Wherever our thoughts go, we will surely follow.

Overthinking is one of the most natural things humans do. It is the natural pitfall of blindly following our thoughts, and it is often only until the damage has been done that we realize how irrational we were being all along. How much bad advice does our self-talk give us every day? How many times do we realize that we were being so overly dramatic, worrying over nothing? How often has our overthinking done us more harm than good? Still, we go back to our thoughts every single time, ready to accept whatever answers they have for us. We trust in it like we trust in gravity: blindly. We believe this voice is the source of all things true, since this is the role we have assigned it all our lives.

Through meditation, mindfulness, and ultimately living in the present, we can get out of our own ways and engage fully in life— not whatever reality our head is feeding us that day. If we can become more familiar with this objective relationship we have with our thoughts, then we become free from its shackles. We can steer our own ship on our own terms.

Let go of the thoughts that do not serve you, and you’ll discover the intrinsic fulfillment that comes with a fully-engaged life.

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The Voice In Our Head
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