The Untold and Ugly Truths About Meeting Your Soulmate


Your soulmates will make you learn countless new things in life. They will teach you how to let go and love without having an obsession as they will not always stay beside you.

They have their own life and you learn that soulmates don’t have to be together all the time. You want them in your life, but you know you can’t make them stay, so you’ll let them go.

You will learn to appreciate their presence and try your best not to take them for granted.


Despite all the ugly truths they’ve said about yourself until you feel broken, they will make you feel secure.    

Your soulmates are your safety net, shelter, and home. They are the people whom you’ll always come back because no one could understand you better than they did.

They knew that you have flaws and wounds here and there, but they have a sincere willingness to help and fix you to be better. They accept you with an open heart and they want all the best for you.

Your soulmate doesn’t have to be the one because ‘soulmate’ is not always a term to define a romantic partner.


A soulmate is someone who sheds light upon your life, the one who brings you happiness, sadness, and realization about your inner self.


In the end, you’ll know you meet your soulmate when he or she makes you brave to open up about the deepest secrets that you’ve had, so they could undress your inner self and make you deal with your own wounds until you heal.

When you’ve met your soulmates, keep them close to your heart, but when they choose to leave, let them go.

By Rayi Noormega


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