The Unbowed – Mind Talk

(Tanka- A type of Japanese written art using 5-7-5-7-7 syllables each line)

The Unbowed

You are that flower
I saw on late days of spring
With shades so vibrant
You stand strong with dignity
Not bowing to rain or wind

You are that flower
I saw on mid summer day
With leaves turning brown
You speak of days uncertain
And yet you remained unbowed

You are that flower
I saw under autumn sky
Once crisp now withered
You stand crooked yet pride’s high
Amidst the season of death

You are the flower
I saw, that cold winter day
Hanging by a thread
You made it through to this day
Only be crushed under my feet

Oh valiant flower
Forgive this unknowing man
Who knows no better
Than to trample you over
And fare with his life as planned

By Cesar Rey Villanueva Reyes

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