The Two Types of Each Zodiac Sign

The Two Types of Each Zodiac Sign

The Two Types of Each Zodiac Sign   

Aries Type One: Super aggressive, loud, Will literally fight everything  
Aries Type Two: Cute little rays of sunshine but can probably kill you w their bare hands   

Taurus Type One: Lazy couch potato  
Taurus Type Two: Actually Aphrodite the goddess   

Gemini Type One: Two-faced serial killers
Gemini Type Two: Mood-swingy sad human bean  

Cancer Type One: Really overprotective and cries a lot  
Cancer Type Two: Super sassy and has never cried in their life   

Leo Type One: Super self-absorbed and obnoxious  
Leo Type Two: All insecure but still prideful, pretty chill and funny   

Virgo Type One: Super Organized and germaphobe  
Virgo Type Two: ‘Bruh have you seen my bed?”   

Libra Type One: Social butterfly and hella fashionable  
Libra Type Two: Netflix Hoe   

Scorpio Type One: Super sexy and evil, an emotional WRECK  
Scorpio Type Two: Funny and sarcastic assholes   

Sagittarius Type One: Such travel, much heroin, very wise  
Sagittarius Type Two: Personification of the Doge meme   

Capricorn Type One: Workaholic and conservative Republican asshat  
Capricorn Type Two: Has never done an assignment ever   

Aquarius Type One: God  
Aquarius Type Two: Alien   

Pisces Type One: Crybaby and sensitive  
Pisces Type Two: Stoner and never talks about their feelings

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