The Truth Is It Doesn’t Matter How Tightly You Hold

the truth is it doesnt matter how tightly you hold

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how tightly you hold on to certain people, because at the end of the day, what is meant for you will always be yours.  Trust me when I say, the right people will choose you just as deeply as you choose them. You will not have to beg for the love you deserve. You will not have to quiet the way your heart beats against your chest.  One day, you will be met where you are. One day, you will be someone’s favorite thing, and you will not be confused, you will not feel like you are fighting for someone who is not fighting for you.  One day, you will understand that it never mattered how hard you held on to the wrong things, how much you tried because the right things were always unfolding before you.  The right things were always choosing to stay.
 – Bianca Sparacino


Louisa Alcott