The Truth About Victimhood That Can Heal You

truth about victimhood

Trauma Or Drama – Life Is A Grand Stage!

As your True Self, you are unconditionally worthy and intrinsically powerful – and so is everyone else. Although this may sound awesome, there’s a downside to omnipotence.

You see, to an all-powerful soul like you, there are no challenges to overcome nor adventures to experience, and, therefore, in order to compensate, you were born with amnesia.

Indeed, life is a temporary stage where you act out your stories and issues, and since there’s no risk of permanent harm, you can play any part or endure any challenge. Regardless of drama or trauma, when your human form expires, you inevitably wake-up as your True Self, and while completely unscathed and perfectly whole, you’re actually better for the experience and no worse for wear!

How Hurtful It Can Be To Deny One’s True Self
The Truth About Victimhood That Can Heal You

You Create Your Own Reality

Even with amnesia of your True Self, you are the creator of every experience throughout life, and, whether conscious or unconscious, your beliefs create your reality. In fact, by demonstrating your beliefs, life operates as a perfect feedback system.

This means that as you project individual beliefs onto the 3D movie screen called “life,” those beliefs manifest as real life circumstances – specific to you. Since positive beliefs manifest as positive experiences and negative beliefs manifest as negative experiences, the underlying cause of disempowering circumstances is virtually always one or more corresponding beliefs. Therefore, when someone has beliefs regarding powerlessness, those beliefs inevitably manifest as disempowering experiences and even victimhood.

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Even though the perpetrator and victim appear to be opposing forces, they are actually two parts of one single dynamic. Attracted to one another through complementary beliefs, the victim and perp are unconsciously drawn into an abusive dynamic.

For instance, people pleasers and narcissistic personality types are often attracted to one another because their beliefs are complementary. While people pleasers often believe that their worth depends on pleasing others (to gain approval or acceptance), narcissists often believe that their worth depends on validation or proving superiority. Hence, when one person needs approval or acceptance and the other desires superiority or control, it sets the stage for disempowerment, and, over time, the relationship may become abusive.

However, this type of dynamic is not due to karma nor punishment, but, rather, it exists so that each participant can identify and release disempowering beliefs.

Playing The Perp Via Soul Agreements

Just like every perpetrator needs a victim, every victim needs a perpetrator, and, therefore, to experience victimhood, someone has to play the part of the perp. Although people with complementary beliefs are naturally drawn together, this attraction is rarely random, but, rather, in conjunction with pre-life agreements.

Agreeing to act out our beliefs on the stage of life, our very best eternal friends often play the parts of our worst human foes, and through a mutual agreement, we play appropriate counterparts. This means that when we experience victimhood, the part of the perp is often played by a loving soul. Apparently, for me, this was clearly the case.

In fact, when I asked to see a higher truth, I was shown that prior to meeting my “abusive boyfriend” in high school, I subconsciously believed that I was unworthy and powerless, and this set the stage for victimhood. Consequently, by fulfilling a pre-life agreement to wake me up early in life, he acted out my disempowering beliefs. However, if I did not believe that I was both unworthy of love and also deserving of abuse, he never could have played the perpetrator who victimized me, and, if I did not believe that I was powerless, the abuse never could have escalated to such heights.

Since life is a feedback system, if someone does not have beliefs about victimhood or powerlessness, there’s no need for a perpetrator to act them out, and, in fact, without a person having these beliefs, a perpetrator cannot act them out!

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In fact, no one can ever do anything to you (externally) that you first don’t do to yourself (internally via beliefs).

Through our own disempowering beliefs, we imprison ourselves from the inside-out,
and by releasing the beliefs that trap us in disempowerment, we free ourselves, and, at the same time, we free those who play our perps!

While unconsciously playing the part he agreed to play, my “volunteer perp” beat me senseless until I woke up and rose above my own disempowering beliefs! By fulfilling our soul agreement, I was forced to claim my power and worth, and once I did, our agreement was complete. Therefore, as I saved myself, Hal was released from the part he played for me!

The truth is, I survived victimhood to discover that I was never really a victim!

Since beliefs create your reality, your beliefs make you the creator of every experience, and as the creator, you are responsible for your own disempowering circumstances, and this means that you can never be a victim. Keep in mind that although no one has power over you or your life, if you believe someone does, you could prove yourself right.

From this Grand View, can you begin to see how the “victim” creates his or her own reality?

Maybe you’re thinking, if this is all true, why do children experience abuse? Well, keeping in mind that an all-powerful soul lives within every child, early childhood experiences often represent specific beliefs that our soul’s want to experience and overcome.

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