That’s The Thing With Loneliness

That’s The Thing With Loneliness

“That’s the thing with loneliness, it makes us run into the arms of people we know we shouldn’t be with.”

–You weren’t the right one, it wasn’t the right love, and that’s why we ended.


Does a lonely moment, qualify a Wrong person to be a Right one ?

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  1. Avatar of If Walls Had Ears an

    I am not sure we run into each others arm. As Khalil Gibran quotes a friend is your needs met. If you understand what it is to be needy and neglected you will come to understand how people could wind up in a relationship they would of never imagined.

  2. Avatar of Kiran Bais

    This is not the real reality “There is someone who looks after us from behind the curtain. In truth, we are not here. This is our shadow.”
    You embrace some form saying, “I am this.” By God you are not this or that or the other you and spirit are the same
    —Rumi .. <3

  3. Avatar of Sarah R Conkle

    I dont even think I care anymore. The entire argument is in the past.
    My ex is in the past, He is in the past, and I am working on building my future.
    None of this discussion is worth any time anymore. Its over. Let go.

  4. Avatar of Sarah R Conkle

    .. To answer the question, no. A lonely moment doesn't qualify a wrong person to be the right one.
    Cheating isn't the right thing to do.
    I am a loyal person by nature. I never would have done anything without first leaving an existing relationship and making a clean break.
    His emotional manipulations were what kept me there. He wouldn't let go when I said I wanted a divorce. Then there was the kids.. and his instability.
    If anything, I was with the Wrong one for ~15 years because of loneliness, and with the Right one for only a short time because .. He had terrified me all those years because He made me come alive.. and I had finally found the courage because of the lightning, and was pushed away and abused enough, by the wrong one to reach out.
    I will never do what I did again.
    For one, I'm going to follow my heart and soul to a relationship that feels right instead of allowing myself to be manipulated, abused, and caged.

  5. Avatar of Sarah R Conkle

    That thing where my ex is with a girl named Lily and yet I still have problems with his narcissistic emotional immaturity online.
    What kind of sense does that make?

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