The story of my rebirth.

The story of my rebirth.
I reached into infinity and saw the true me starring back at me. To my humble surprise, I was so divine. She whispered in my ear “Welcome home”, and this is was she said, I know you would have followed the signs, the patterns of life, I knew you would follow the beat of the drums. I knew you would realize there was more to this world than what meets the eye and what you were taught as a child. I know you had no idea what you wanted to do in life and knew you were meant for something greater. I knew you that you would overcome the challenges, the heartaches, and losses that fueled the fire in your soul. The lessons that you wanted to learn here and would guide you back home. I know the darkness and demons that you fought and the lightning in your veins that lite up the night and came out victorious.
We have been watching you and waiting for the divine timing. We heard your cries for mother earth and saw the vast ocean you filled with the weeping of your tears watching the suffering of mother earth and humanity. We saw your heart still beating and loving everything anyways. We held your hands and kept you safe through the darkest nights of your soul. You reflected, redirected like a bird taking flight, trying to stay in the rhythm of the tides. You found the perfect balance for your wings to take flight. You came across the stepping stones and crossed the bridge to meet your own shadow. You faced yourself, controlled your ego and bowed down and with love and compassion, you let your shadow shed its skin. You burned in the fires and like the phoenix you rose from your ashes and became reborn. You went through the ancient pillars and down into the core of the earth. Step by step you went down into the unknown, alone but yet you followed the beats of the drums. You sat in the temple and in darkness you had no fear. You reached into yourself and lifted your hands, and you danced in the rhythm of the universe.
You danced and became one with the earth, air, fire, and water. You reached into yourself and lifted your hands and lite up each candle in the temple with your breath. We lifted you up and in the perfect divine union, you became one and remembered who you were and the interconnection and ancient wisdom bestowed. We softly landed you back down to earth to tell this story of your rebirth to help reawaken humanity and bring peace and love back to this world. 

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