Jim Carrey On Awakening: How He Began His Spiritual Journey

Jim Carrey On Awakening

According to him, life doesn’t just happen to us, it happens for us. In life, we are all given two choices. We can choose to be filled with love or we can choose to be filled with fear. It is important that we all choose to love and leave the fear behind. Otherwise, the fear will grow and fester, making you betray your own true self. All that will be left of you then is what is there in your heart.

He also understands that the soul is much bigger than the physical body and free of its limitations. He advises everyone to take it easy and think of all the ways in which they can live a good life.

Again, he stresses the importance of doing something you love. We never know when a failure might be waiting for us and if we do come across it, at least we’ll have been happy and satisfied until that moment. That in itself will work wonders in helping a person deal with failure or loss.

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Carrey also tells people that all that matters is the present. There is no point in worrying about the future. It is in this present moment that we make decisions that will affect our future.

“If you aren’t in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty, or back to pain and regret.” ― Jim Carrey

The decision that we make will depend on either love or hate. As ideal as love is, many choose to take the path of fear because it seems easier. They argue that they are merely being practical by making the safe choice, even if they actually have no interest whatsoever in their chosen path. He firmly believes that when you love something truly, you can ask the universe for it and it will conspire to bring it to you.

If you want to know more about Jim Carrey’s spiritual journey, then check this video out below:

Jim Carrey On Awakening: How He Began His Spiritual Journey
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The Story Of Jim Carrey On How He Began His Spiritual Journey
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