The Songs of Silence

The Songs of Silence

She was with me since my inception. Taking care of me every moment, caressing gently with her soft delicate fingers and lulling me into long hours of slumber in her arms. She had the most enchanting voice which could quieten the harshest noise and bring peace to every withered heart. I loved her a lot as she soothed my soul in those terrible moments when I couldn’t bear the pain any longer. Yes, she was with me always and with her presence I felt rejuvenated no matter how badly my energies were sapped. I had the nicest dreams in the luxury of her lap as I felt myself always protected from all the scary things around me.

But as I started growing up and got busier day by day, she started drifting away from me. I lost my soul to the strangest world of unquenched desires, slowly pulling myself into the deepest pit of worries and anxiety. And as I did so, I lost track of her. I was overworked and grew tired. So tired that I started inviting anxiety. Desires grew and I got frustrated more. Hope gave in to disappointment and faith faltered until I lost them too. I stumbled, faltered and ultimately fell on my face. Darkness shrouded before my eyes as I lost ties with my dearest ones. I had turned into a lunatic.

Until one day something strange happened. I heard a whisper. But an obstructed one. I wanted to hear it as I felt captivated by it. But in vain. Unable to hear it, I got frustrated and irritated too. Then, I realised something. I have to wait and concentrate.  I had learned to wait. With abated breath. Longing every moment to hear it again.

And then, one day I heard it again. Now it was distinctly audible. Familiar yet distant. I surrendered myself to her and slowly but gradually, her soothing voice took me into her rich realms where everything seemed very familiar. I found peace in her arms. And when I opened my eyes I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I had a rebirth, I realised.

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