The Silence Of The Keys

The Silence Of The Keys

The ringing in my ears was drowning out everything else around me. It was a different sort of ring, like a clip full of keys rattling, then quickly smashing to the ground; they slide everywhere…silence. But this wasn’t the calming and soothing silence I cherished. It was the silence people run from, the kind where kids pulled their blankets over their eyes at night so the boogeyman doesn’t see them; fearing the quiet and hoping the next sound you hear isn’t your worst nightmare.

I need to break the silence, the quiet, the fear of hearing nothing…I close my eyes, focus on one thought; I hear cars driving by…The white noise of the whirling tires in the wind takes hold of my eardrums, and my heart rate slows, as my mind clears. But then, that one core thought brings it back. My heart rate increases, my hands start shaking and my ears start ringing… It’s the ringing of the keys.

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