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The Signs When They Are Drunk

The Signs When They Are Drunk

The Signs When They Are Drunk  

Aries – Falls on their face repeatedly.  

Taurus – I need to get home! I forgot to feed my cat!  

Gemini – Talks really fast about things that make no sense.  

Cancer – Starts thinking about the past and cries.  

Leo – Does drunk karaoke.  

Virgo – Oops, I think I just pissed my pants…  

Libra – Listen…Picasso? Not that great!  

Scorpio – Who wants to get cozy?  

Sagittarius – Laughs at everything!  

Capricorn – Passionately lip syncing to Beyoncé.  

Aquarius – Believes they can fly.  

Pisces – Looks around and thinks- there is no way we are alone in this world.

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