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The Signs on a Trip


The Signs on a Trip
Aries: Can you guys please be quiet?
Taurus: Is asleep
Gemini: Haha! Nope!
Cancer: Please lower your voice, Gemini… Taurus is sleeping
Leo: Takes weird selfies
Virgo: Why am I the one who’s driving?!
Libra: Calm down, please
Scorpio: I need to get out of here and fuck someone
Sagitarrius: We’re gonna have so much fun once we arrive! Capricorn: Yeah, fun…
Aquarius: Is very disgusted
Pisces: Is left at home, alone

Stephen Sansa

I love astrology and everything even remotely related to it. For me, everything is written in the stars, and zodiac signs are one of the best ways to understand and know a person. As long as it is about horoscopes, astrology and sun signs, count me in!View Author posts