The Signs Doing An Assignment That’s Due The Next Day


The Signs Doing An Assignment That’s Due The Next Day

The Signs Doing An Assignment That’s Due The Next Day  

Aries: Screaming, throwing books everywhere, ingesting inhuman amounts of coffee, slamming doors, ripping papers, tossing phone in toilet.  

Taurus: Can’t start until they’ve had a snack, nap, shower, break, and then they sit down. And they don’t stand up until they are done.  

Gemini: Hysterical laughter, is in denial, writes the most epic bullshit ever, has a meltdown at 3 am, suffers from loss of identity and motivation.  

Cancer: Intense crying on laptop keyboard, the laptop malfunctions, electrocutes them, and all of work has been erased off the face of the work. Turns in doctor’s note.  

Leo: Lies to themselves, says they have plenty of time. Says they’ll start at 7, and when they check the time, its 7: 03. Now they have to wait until 8. Damn it.  

Virgo: Begins writing a bunch of drafts, is never satisfied, pulls an all-nighter, has three panic attacks, but turns in a pretty decent assignment.  

Libra: Instead of starting, does elaborate research on how to fake sick, comes up with a million extrases, and practices executing them in the mirror.  

Scorpio: Hates themselves extensively, cries through half of the paper, uses caps locks aggressively, blogs about how much they hate themselves and their life.  

Sagittarius: Cannot seem start, calls all of their friends and ends up paying someone to do the assignment for them. Plan flops miserably, skips school.  

Capricorn: Loathes themselves, cries in the shower, then gets down to business. Thinks they’II fail, gets an A. We hate them.  

Aquarius: Actually performs best under pressure. Has a game plan, perfectly executes it, goes to sleep at 1:30 a.m. Can’t sleep because they’re wired.  

Pisces: Has three months to do the assignment, spends the day before coming up with excuses why they shouldn’t do it, skips school.

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