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The Signs As Skies

The Signs As Skies

the signs as skies

ARIES: Fiery, passionate red sunset with yellow clouds. Looks like the world is going to end.
TAURUS: Sunrises, pinkish-orange with loose clouds, that look like a painting.
GEMINI: Peaceful, white snowy skies in the mornings, where you can see all the stars.
CANCER: the sky at noon, bluest sky with animated, puffy clouds. Filled with trails of departing airplanes.
LEO: The sky right before night fall. Dusk. Purple sky that forcefully merges into pink.
VIRGO: Very pale, frisky morning sky. Splattered layers of clouds that mix into pale yellow.
LIBRA: Clear, blue sky with the
SCORPIO: strange purple apocalyptic sky with swooshed cloud. Looks like the sky is going to fall.
SAGITTARIUS: Pink, hazy mist in the morning sky. The clouds all seem to to be pulled towards one spot.
CAPRICORN: Empty, dark gray sky at 12 a.m where you can see all the stars and the moon radiating.
AQUARIUS: the sky in the north, where you can see the aurora borealis hanging above in the sky
PISCES: Bright blue sky which gradually turns into pink, then orange and then red. Heavy purple clouds.

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