The sense only celestial bodies seem to have not the human beings

 February 06, 2019

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If we look back at the fact that all celestial bodies revolve at a speed which keeps them in complete equilibrium unsupported on any firmament – we may have to give such capability also some name of its own before we set out in search of God.

It is not intelligence.

It is not consciousness.

Nor is it intuitiveness though it is a type of sense all celestial bodies seem to have.

It is a unique type only the celestial bodies seem to have – not human beings.

Celestial bodies don’t have intelligence. Nor do they have consciousness and intuitiveness as we have, but they, very much, seem to have this fourth variety of sense.

Maybe, we have only three types of senses – intelligence, consciousness and intuitiveness but God may be having all the four types of senses.



[1] Subhash Chandra Sawhney – “Nobody is omnipotent – not even God” at


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