The sense only celestial bodies seem to have not the human beings

 February 06, 2019

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As we know, Neptune and Uranus had not been yet discovered during his lifetime.

But if he should have been an incarnation of God, don’t you think he should have known whether such planets also exist?

If you asked any Hindu about any such thing, he would tell you even to think what an incarnation of God should have known or should not have known is heinous.

But do you think he would have been able to have answered if he should have been asked whether he knew anything about the existence of such planets?

Or even Jesus would have been able to have answered such a question?

If you think they should not have been able to have answered such questions, does it not imply that neither Krishna should have been an incarnation of God nor Jesus should have been the Son of God?

Does it not look funny that we think, they should have known about religious things only?   

So a question arises what should have impressed the Hindus that it should have got ingrained in their mind that he should have been an incarnation of God?

What should have ingrained in the minds of Hindus that Krishna should have been an incarnation of God?

Since Arjuna did not want to fight with his close relatives, there was no other way how else Krishna could have eluded him to give up his reluctance to fight except to have projected himself as a God by hypnotising him so that he thought that he was none else but a “God-incarnate”– the Creator of the Universe.

Just imagine – would Arjuna have agreed to fight had he not brainwashed him by giving him such a strong sermon as he is believed to have given him in the form of what we know as “Shrimat Bhagwad Gita”?

There is every possibility that people must have started believing that he really meant that he was an incarnation of God since he had told Arjuna so about himself, instead of realizing that he had to tell so, perforce, just to bring Arjuna around to change his stance.  

So a question arises what may be the truth – if neither Jesus could have possibly been the Son of God nor Krishna could have been an incarnation of God?

It is not that we don’t know what may be the truth about God.

God is known as “Parmatma” in Hindi, which translates into “Supreme Soul” in English.

Though we know that our soul resides in our body as long as we stay alive and it takes a snapshot of our memory and escapes into the blue the same way as the water of the oceans escapes into the sky in its vaporous form.

It looks as though the souls disappear.

The fact since they get reincarnated – we know they do not lose their identity. They reinstall the snapshot they would have taken when they should have left us, back into our memory when we get reborn.

Though it is doubtful whether He may be “Omnipotent” [1], the following concept, which is known as “Vedantic Concept”, resounds pretty well according to which He is supposed to be:

  • Swayambhoo” (One, who could have born all by Himself),
  •  Anadi” (One, whose life is unending),
  • “Sarvavid” (One, who knows everything about everything) as well as “All-Pervading”.

So all that has to be done is – to look for something that may be “Swayambhoo”, may be “Anadi”, may be “Sarvavid”, as well as “All-Pervading”.

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