The Secret that Psychic People Don’t Tell You about “Vibe”

The Secret that Psychic People Don’t Tell You about “Vibe”

There are many secrets in this life. Ones can only achieve the matters by learning persistently. From all the subject of metaphysical, there is one basic study underneath everything, which known as Vibe.

The word “vibe” usually means as an energy vibration that radiates from an entity or object, which reveals a true color in a form of feeling and touch that emits from that entity or object.

In certain circumstances, we probably once heard someone suddenly said something like this in the room, whether he/she said it consciously or not:

I don’t like his bad vibe.

She gives me a good vibe.

He carries a strange vibe that makes people exhausted.

She has a bright vibe that gives people positive energy.

What do you think these words mean? These words sound like common phrases to express how someone feels toward the person that he/she sees at the time.

In that case, have you ever said one of those phrases before? If you did, what kind of vibe did you feel at the time? Was it feeling positive or negative? Either of the feeling surely would emit such a vibration that the sages commonly refer as energy. Not to be confused between vibe and energy, although both of the word mean similar, but the word “vibe” is more common to be expressed in the conversation these days. When we use the word “energy”, it is as if we talk in a language of science rather than metaphysical. However, both are the terms to address similar subject.

So now, it’s about the secret that the sages don’t tell you about “vibe”. So what is it exactly?

What most people with psychic ability won’t share with society is that; they believe in what they are seeing and feeling, and what their sixth sense perceive through touching the vibration of the subject in front of them. What they don’t actually tell you, is that; the vibration or vibe has certain color, depends on what subject they are seeing at the time.

But how is this possible? How could “vibe” has a color when it’s supposed to be felt, and not to be seen with eyes? This is the secret phenomenon that actually known commonly by the sages, spiritualists, psychic people, you name it.

The reason why vibe can be seen as a color, is because the color of vibe will show you the subject’s truest identity. You can’t lie with vibe, because it is an energy vibration that cannot be camouflage, unlike physical look that can be make up with powder and blush on. Eventually, ones’ real identity can be revealed through identifying their vibe, and not by look. Although the identifying method cannot be done so easily by the newbie, which makes anyone who wants to study how to identify someone’s vibe is through a series of learning and observing.

Why bother with the color? So yes, from the color we can identify their energy source; is it positive or negative? And not only that, we can gather information of where they belong, what their likeness in life, is it in the path of light or dark?

The psychic people won’t share this thing with society because it is rather hard to explain, ever since it is sounded as if they discriminate such category between who belongs in positive vibe (light) and negative vibe (darkness).

However, there is an art in every moment known as vibe, which if a person is able to receive the vibration frequency, and so he/she can understand it instantly, that the feeling (sometimes) can be beautiful and magnetic.

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