The Search For Reality

The Search For Reality

I am not what I took myself to be.

In December 2008, while sitting at a stop sign on the way to work an aha, a little vibration in the head, like a gear popped in the mind and instant realization that the relentless 5 year search for reality was done by no one.  The World is empty.  

All the paradoxes hung on for years were instantly reviled.  Existence cannot be conceptualized because it is prior to thought.  If Existence cannot be conceptualized it is not an object.  If not object, then not subject to time.

Human is an idea; just an appearance in the manifestation.  What I am and what you are is timeless, the timeless witnessing of creation as it unfolds. PRIOR to any idea of anything yet trapped in a body/mind form.  ‘That in whom all beings reside and whom resides in all beings.’  Upandishad

Consider all that appears to occur an accident.  There must be a witness to testify to the accident.  Like standing on the corner waiting on a car wreck but there is no one there, only witnessing.  Witnessing but no witness.  That is the little leap (entering the gate-less gate) that happens to no one at the moment of, call it, realization.  And what power in witnessing? The fact of no doer became apparent. And, if the World is empty, enlightenment is a myth for who here to attain anything?

What appears as reality is actually the unreal.  Like a cartoon.  Flip the pages, the characters change positions but nothing is actually happening. No thing is doing anything.  All is occurring spontaneously. 

Existence cannot be conceptualized AND conceptualization has no author.  Ask this:  What’s the next thought?  What’s the next thought?  There is no response.  You are not the thinker.  The mind is nothing more then a receiver. Thoughts appear from the Source.

How does one tell another no one is here?  Communication suggests a you and a me but that is not so.  As Buddha said:  I spoke for 40 years, no one talked and no one listened.   And Huang Po:  Though you have eaten the whole day through, see that not a grain of food has passed your lips.

Maybe David Hawkins said it best:   It is the ultimate human paradox that man’s reliance on perception precludes the seeing of his true nature.

When man sees that man is an idea, there will be peace on Earth, for the enemy resides only in conceptualization. 

After 10 years, the time has arrived to share this realization.  

Thanks for the listen.  Have a great day!



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