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The Scene The World Cannot See!

The Scene The World Cannot See

Day by day, it was like getting back to normal,

Everything seems in order, observing nothing abnormal;

But from inside I knew, it was a false cover-up,

Pretending the world, my past and present have had a make up;

Started involving myself in the ardous task at hand,

Prolonging the work hours to the limits, mind can’t withstand.

Journeying back home one day, lost myself and my way,

Realized the senses had fallen and mind’s lost, to my dismay;

Wandering back and forth the familiar path, as if it’s unknown,

Observing the known faces, glaring at me like I am disowned.

It was a once in a lifetime moment, my ego fell onto its knees,

Surrendering before the new dispassionate mind, the scene the world cannot see.

– Aneet Mahajan



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