The Romance That’s Waiting For You in 2021 Based On Your Birth Month

Romance That's Waiting For 2021 Based Your Birth Month

8. August

Born a natural leader, you have more than enough confidence and you get your own way most of the time. The person you’ll meet will be the one person who actually calls you out when you’re wrong but will cherish and respect you at the same time.

They won’t let you walk all over them and they’ll ensure that you treat them as an equal partner in your relationship. You’ll no longer be able to have everything your way.

9. September

You’ve been hurt before and in an effort to protect yourself, you’ve distanced yourself from all your earlier partners preferring to find some reason to leave them before you get in too deep.

But now you’ll find someone who’ll make you feel like they’re worth any pain that you might face later. Their presence will make you feel like you’ve been given new life and you won’t be frightened at the intensity of your emotions.

10. October

Your individuality and sense of self have always been very important to you. This makes you hesitant to enter relationships because you’re scared that you will no longer be your own person.

In 2021, you’ll meet someone who will help you remain who you really are and will encourage you to explore your personality even without them. You will be able to work as a team while retaining your individuality.

11. November

The sheer level of intelligence and creativity you possess sometimes makes it hard for you to open up to others because you are very much your own person.

You’ll finally meet someone who can keep pace with you. This person will be able to deal with your energetic personality and you’ll never feel like you have to justify yourself to them. They will love you without making you feel like they’re holding you down.

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12. December

Rationale and practicality have always been your watchwords and you’ve always lived in a controlled manner. Now you’ll meet a person who makes your world go topsy-turvy but in a wonderful way.

They’ll help bring out your own brand of subtle humor while always letting you have space when you really need it. They’ll help you find your spontaneity and prevent you from overthinking everything. They won’t be scared to anger you and will teach you to sometimes just go with your instincts.

So, are you ready to welcome love and romance in your life in 2021?

The Romance That's Waiting For You in 2020 Based On Your Birth Month pin
Romance That's Waiting For 2021 Based Your Birth Month Pin

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