The reason why so many unpredictable things also happen in our life

The reason why so many unpredictable things also happen in our life

Though the Vedic scholars who had scripted the “Vedas” had found out the facts related to reincarnation thousands of years back, people all over the world treated their work not worth believing till as late as between the years 1957 and 2007 the Canadian psychiatrist Dr Ian Stevenson did not endorse the Vedic concepts of reincarnation by interviewing about two thousand children from all over the world, who claimed that they vividly remembered things about their past lives even though they had never visited the places where they asserted to have spent their past lives during their current term of life.

People did not disbelieve Dr Stevenson because he visited such places where various children had claimed to have lived during their past life and did not find any of the things told by them to have been wrong.

Of course, no one can deny, they did not tell us anything new. They simply endorsed that what Vedic scholars had told was absolutely correct.

Anyway, they paved way for believing that we don’t come into this world without getting our past karmas hash-tagged to us?

If we look at – how Dr Stevenson found out whether what the Vedic scholars had told about reincarnation was correct or not, we get a clear hint that the Vedic scholars, too, would have come across lots of people who would have been able to correctly recount things related to their past term of life as Dr Stevenson had come across, when they would have told the world about reincarnation during the Vedic era.

However, though Dr Stevenson worked even on near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, after-death communications and deathbed visions they did not think any necessity of going a step further as the Vedic scholars seem to have gone by having also enquired these children what sort of karmas they remembered to have performed during their past life to have checked whether the type of things that happened in their current life had any bearing on the types of karmas (deeds) performed by them during their past life or not.

It would have been a lot better if they would have looked into this corollary of the theory of reincarnation also.

However, the Vedic scholars had proclaimed that the types of things that happen in our present life are very much a “backlash” of what sort of karmas we should have performed during our past life.

But since their theory of reincarnation has been hallmarked by the team of Dr Stevenson there is no reason why we should not believe in the backlash part of the reincarnation-theory, as well.

Brief on the backlash part of the reincarnation-theory

Don’t we get surprised why somebody should have cheated us or should have deceived us or abused us during our present life even though we may not have harmed or harassed anyone in our life ever? 

Actually, we get an answer to it through the backlash-part of the reincarnation-theory only.

These sorts of incidents come as a surprise to us only because, though we would have, maybe, known during our childhood whether we had cheated or deceived somebody in our past life or not – over a time, we forget all such things.

So we are not able to link such incidents with any of our past-life activities.  

We would have known what sort of unbecoming things would happen in our life by virtue of our, so called, “past-life karmas” only if we would not have forgotten what sort of karmas we had performed during our past life.

Even otherwise, the fact that some people blackmail and deceive us in our life even though we may not have blackmailed or deceived anybody in our life ever can be no better explained any other way except that we would have blackmailed or deceived someone in our past life.

Maybe, our souls could have told us what sort of karmas we had performed during our past life and what may happen in our life by virtue of our past-life karmas, if we would have known how to commune with our souls but the fact is – we are not taught in our schools the techniques of communing with our souls.

But we have to agree that the way we can’t change our past-life karmas, we can’t change the impact of our “past-life karmas” also.

Though this concept could have been evolved even as  a “cover-up” to rationalise why we, so often, don’t lead a trouble-free life even though we may be leading an upright life but it is also true that it can be best explained only taking a recourse to the past-life karmas only – no way else.

So, next time if some such things happen in the life that you would have not expected – never make an issue of it. Our past-life karmas prepare the script for such events. They also partner the efforts we put in – in our life.

There is nothing like “stroke of bad luck” or “stroke of good luck” in the world. These strokes are, in fact, the strokes of our past-life karmas – we lose sight of, as we grow.     

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