The Reason Why It’s So Hard To Get Over Almost Relationships

The Reason Why It’s So Hard To Get Over Almost Relationships

And you walk away knowing you gave it everything you had. And it hurts. It hurts like hell finally letting go. It hurts in those moments you want to text them but you know you shouldn’t. It hurts when something reminds you of them or your song comes on. It hurts when you drive past that place that used to be yours. And it hurts, even more, losing that faith you have in them.

And what hurts more about it is you’re fighting this silent heartbreak that no one knows about because you can’t even say it.

Because the first question out of someone’s mouth when you say you’re getting over someone is “how long did you date?” And it’s an answer you’ll never be able to give and that’s why it hurts so bad. Because you feel so alone like you’re the only fool to fall in love with someone you didn’t date.

But none the less, you walked away knowing everything about each other.

He knew you in a way no one ever will in your life. Because he was there for so much.

And don’t let a lack of label discredit the relationship you did have because it was something.

And the truth is, you’ll never have a relationship like that again. No one will ever see you as vulnerable as he did. There isn’t anyone you will ever love with your whole heart the way you did him. But what you’ll find in the time you do move on and you do meet someone new is they give you that thing he wasn’t able to.

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That space between those two words disappears. Because the right person will love you the way you did him and it’ll be in that moment you realize how love is supposed to be. Not some complicated game but rather feelings of everything reciprocated.

Because that’s what you deserve and that’s what you will get for loving someone like him the way you did so fearlessly.

“Goodbye, my almost lover. Goodbye, my hopeless dream. I’m trying not to think about you Can’t you just let me be?” – A Fine Frenzy

Written By Kirsten Corley
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The Reason Why It’s So Hard To Get Over Almost Relationships
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