The real nightmare that made me strong and wise.

The real nightmare that made me strong and wise.

Born on a sunny day with nothing but blue skies above. Not a cloud to be seen. A beautiful dream. So much love and happiness. I was bought my first dress. Impressed. Delighted. I was awake. But they were not. Their darkness so frightening. Someone please enlighten me. Blue skies and harmony. Peace please believe in me. I slept not a wink. The balance was on the brink. Of unsettling. Dreams and visions troubling. I seemed distant. I just want harmony. Seen good and bad. Couldn’t make sense of it. Trying to put the pieces together. To make the mystery whole. Not incomplete. Solved. Dreamt of the future with no mentor to understand this mystery puzzling me. I learned eventually. To little too late the nightmare took a hold of me. Got hurt and burned. Tortured and blamed. I survived and learned to be brave. Survived another dreamy day. Started again. Built myself strong. Singing my own song. Learned from the past. Using my dreams to guide me they say. My guides my angels. My god my hero’s . We all start from ground zero. Become our own hero’s. For me my dreams are reality. Here for love. Here to love. Heaven above is within us   All around us. 

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