The rant of a psychopath.

And even though anyone’s with you.
We all must deal with them alone.
The best we can hope for–
the only silver lining in all of this–
is that when we break through,
we find a few familiar faces
waiting on the other side.
But then that’s hope. That’s delusion. That’s lie.
It always comes down to the choices. And now, if you understand what I am saying. You have another one. The one that lets you make your own rules. The one that makes you in the society’s view, mad.

But that’s all it takes to change the society. A maniac.

Maybe this is all intentional.
My subconscious, running in the background,
making me doubt what I am trying for people to believe in.
Turning me into the physical manifestation of my fear of being a… Goddamn waste.

Denial is a bitch.
Life is a delusion.
Fuck society.

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