The Rain

The Rain

I heard you from the roof top

And now loud and clear as you come down

You shine like beautiful pearls

Reflecting a thousand emotions of life

You strike a perfect musical rhythm

Like an unfailing performer attempting to impress everyone

You make your presence felt in my heart

Subdued the noises I am running away from

You are a joy and delight to behold for long

Cleansing the lost inner soul every time

Little drops of rain dancing outside the window panes

The trees and grasses look ever magical green

Like painted with freshly sprinkled colours

You bring in me a mixed of emotions

Like joy and happiness and low spirits sometimes

Let me get soaked in your ecstatic beauty

And shut the door upon worries for a while

Give me enough joy and happiness

And I will promise you

it’d be part of this life’s rich tapestry

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