The Rain

The cool droplets fall

Calming the Sunbeams
Renews the green leaves
Refreshing the cool breeze
Revives the old trees
Rejuvenating the new buds
Embraces the fresh petals
Imbibing the craving earth’s crust
Quenches the extensive thirst
And as I gape and gaze
The cool shower surge and pour
Washing away my falling tears
Pacifies my longwinded fears
Opening up the knots in my mind
Conciliates the pain concealed
Hushing away the internal debates
Soothes my hidden aches
Silencing my inner chaos
Revives and rejuvenates my soul!

    Alka Singh
    Female Qualification: PhD Horticulture Designation: Professor and Head Floriculture Department Navsari Agricultural University Navsari


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